Stand Up Paddle Boarding Experience

Beginner SUP Experience on The Hook Peninsula, Co. Wexford.

New to SUP? You’ve come to the right place. We will start you off on the right path and will make your SUP experience as easy as possible for you. We’ll go as far as to say that you are almost certainly going to stay dry. Yep, that’s right. Your wet-suit which we will supply is merely a formality! You’ll be on a board that is so stable that all you’ll need to do is enjoy yourself. Those are our primary goals for your first session, that you finish dry, and with a big smile, keen to get out for some more.

SUP made simple - Starting off on dry land, we familiarise you with the paddling and turning techniques, and that all-important first stand-up. Once we’re confident that you’ve got the hang of it, we get out onto the water, and paddle in the kneeling position (we call it the ‘safe position’), until you’re comfortable with paddling, turning and generally being on a board. Then we’ll get you up into the stand-up position, and head off for a cruise.

The experience normally lasts 2 hours all in.

  • Important safety points regarding the beach, the water, and your equipment
  • How to warm up properly
  • Beach practice of techniques
  • Board handling and launching
  • Learn to paddle lying down
  • Learn to paddle kneeling
  • How to get to your feet
  • Stroke techniques
  • Safety do’s and don’ts
  • How to safely fall off and how to get back on your board.
  • Practice turning the board

Duration approximately 2 Hours. Please contact us for availability.

Prices :

Standard Rate – €44.99

SUP Rental - €15 Per Hour (wetsuit not included) 


Best Location for SUP!

The experience will take place at the most sheltered, safe piece of water we can find for you. This will be at Baginbun Bay or Carnivan Bay in Fethard-On-Sea, Co Wexford. We decide the location on the day pending weather conditions.

There will be no waves or surf to put you off or make it harder. We guarantee that you will be standing up and paddling in that first session. You may think you have dreadful balance, or are not fit enough to manage it, but the truth is that if you can stand up, you can stand-up paddleboard. We have taught many people over the past year, and have a huge repertoire of tricks and techniques up our sleeve. Rarely have we not been able to get someone up and going on their first session.


  1. Wexford